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About DogDayz Apparel

Remember when being from a small town meant sports rivalries, community pride, and cruising town on a Friday night? We’re all about bringing back those old feelings! DogDayz Apparel turns back the clock with shout-outs to those small towns, mascots, and moments of the utmost community pride. Our clothing tells stories of triumph, individualism and respect for where we came from, preserving the old school mindset and creating new school legacies.

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Simple. Small towns not only face an uphill battle to maintain their overall population but also struggle to sustain their school districts, improve and even maintain their main street curb appeal. Most importantly, they lack the support necessary to sustain their communities and foster growth. Our purpose is to celebrate small-town America and give something back every chance we get. Restoring memories and cultivating optimism is our business and business is good!

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Every small town has places, people or things that as soon as we mention them, we get a hint of nostalgia and smile as we share the stories surrounding them. The mission of DogDayz Apparel is to tell these stories of triumph, individualism and respect for where we came from.

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