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Shop new styles, mascots, landmarks and retro vibes that keep the DogDayz of fall as cool as the coldest winter!

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Remember when being from a small town meant sports rivalries, community pride, and cruising town on a Friday night? We’re all about bringing back those old feelings!
DogDayz Apparel
turns back the clock with shoutouts to those small towns, mascots, and moments of utmost community pride.

Our clothing tells stories of triumph, individualism and respect for where we came from, preserving the old school mindset and creating new school legacies.

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Everyone knows that popularity matters when you’re from a small town but at DogDayz, last names don’t matter!

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DogDayz Apparel is an official affiliate partner of Shop a wide variety of licensed pop culture t-shirts from all your Favorite 80’s Movies, 80’s TV Shows, 80’s WWE Wrestling Stars, 80’s Video Games, Marvel and DC Superheros, 80’s Cartoons, 80’s Music, and beyond!

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